Sylvain Chiron has never stopped dreaming of one day creating his own whisky. Proof of this is that 20 years ago he created the company with “distillery” in the name: La Brasserie Distillerie du Mont-Blanc. Sylvain initially revived the Savoyard brewing tradition with exceptional beers brewed, as they have been historically since 1830, with water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc. The tasty specialty beers he has developed have received numerous awards. The Brasserie du Mont Blanc is now 5 times world champion with La Blanche and La Rousse. On the strength of this experience, Sylvain Chiron has now decided to create his own whisky: Mont Blanc 4810.


  • 1830 : the creation of the brewery in Sallanches.
  • 1966 :the Brasserie du Mont Blanc ceases operations.
  • 1999 :the brewery reopens under the leadership of Sylvain Chiron.
  • 2011 : la Rousse of Mont-Blanc wins the 1st world title in the amber beer category at the World Beer Awards. This is the first time a French beer has been awarded this prize.
  • 2012 : the company moves to a new brewery.
  • 2017 : first distillation.
  • 2020 : launch of the brewery-distillery’s first whisky.